Articles of Extraordinary Value


We strongly recommend shippers, not to include articles of high value with their shipment of regular household goods. Keep those articles out of reach of others and take them with you. Such items as:

  • Jewelry,
  • Currency,
  • Bonds, valuable papers,
  • other valuable personal items.


However, if shipper may not use any other means of transferring those items, make sure to follow instructions described below.


Shipper must create a separate inventory for "Articles of Extraordinary Value".

This inventory must describe each article and its value and condition, and mover has to incpect their condition and provide adequate protection of those articles at shippers expanse.

On mover's bill of lading there is a paragraph specifically designated to log those articles in.

The mover will not be held liable, on the following articles unless they are listed by description and value on the mover's bill of lading (contract):

  • bills of exchange,
  • bonds,
  • bullion,
  • precious metals,
  • currency,
  • deeds,
  • documents,
  • evidence of debt,
  • credit cards,
  • fire arms (Note 1.),
  • money,
  • gems,
  • jewelry,
  • watches,
  • precious stones,
  • pearls, gold, silver articles (Note 2.),
  • stock certificates,
  • securities,
  • stamp collection,
  • musical instruments of rare quality or historical significance,
  • original manuscripts,
  • first editions or autograph copies of books,
  • antique furniture,
  • heirlooms,
  • paintings,
  • sculptures,
  • and other work of arts and hobby collections and exhibits,
  • letters, or packets of letters.

Note 1 - Liability should be provided to firearms legally acceptable under the Federal Gun Control Act 1968, provided that the shipper furnishes to the mover the caliber, make and serial number of such firearms and that those firearms are packed by mover at shippers expanse at regular charges provided by mover.

Note 2 - Includes gold, silver and platinum household articles such as silverware, coffee or tea sets, trays, candlesticks, and dishes.

No liability shall be provided for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value except under circumstances where each article is specifically listed on the mover's shipping document (contract), and the value of each article is listed on the same document, and the mover is afforded the opportunity prior to pickup of the shipment to pack and otherwise provide adequate protection for such articles (at shippers expanse), if the packing provided by shipper is deemed inadequate.