Our Testimonials

By Will D. Palm Springs, CA.

We needed to move out and in the new place in one day. We requested five movers and two trucks. The guys were packing boxes, moving furniture and electronics. When we finished loading trucks it was late afternoon, the drive took over three hours. The movers didn't stop till late at night when they finally finished. Thank you for your hard work!

By Greg J.

We just needed to move our TV to my parents' house and then pick up a few things and bring them back to mine. The entire move took under three hours. Movers were careful and mindful of the clock. I will use them again or refer to friend or family that may need a mover.

By Glen D.

I was moving from New Jersey to California. My company recommended to call Oxnard Movers. Sherry spend a couple of hours on the phone with me to figure out the size of my shipment. The movers were on time and worked efficiently. Delivery was made as promised for the exact price as quoted. Cannot really ask for more from a mover.

By Paul H.

Francisco and his team were fast and careful. The delivery was made early so I asked them to help me unpack some boxes. This was my best moving experience yet.

By John N.

Thank you to every one at Oxnard Movers that helped me with this move. We had to move my mother from the house she lived in for the past thirty years. She has accumulated a lot of stuff. I could not be there in Seattle to help her pack so I relied on movers to help her with everything. The movers were patient and packed and moved my mother's shipment to Los Angeles in less than a week.

By Abby L.

I was moving in with my fiance into one residence and we had to do it the same day.

By Gregory G of Littleton, CO - Moved

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By Gary I.

Everything was done as promised. No delays or over charges. And no damages. Job well done.

By Omar S.

My daughter graduated college in MA. and was moving back home. I hired Oxnard Movers to help her with moving her furniture. The guys were really nice. And delivery was made in just one week. Real fast.

By Andy J.

I have a lot of respect for the guys that helped me move last summer. It was about 100 degrees in the morning. Later in the day it hit 108. But it didnt slow them down. Everything was moved in a short amount of time.