Temporary Housing for Long Distance Moves

When moving long distance, temporary housing can become a housing

necessity. Often times, there will be a gap in time between when 

you arrive in your new city and when you can actually move into 

your new home. Here are 4 ideas to keep in mind when it comes 

to looking for temporary housing.

Research the location ahead of time. Moving yourself and your 

family long distance can be extremely stressful without the worry 

of finding temporary housing. When looking for a short term place 

to call home, it is extremely important to make sure the location you choose is in a safe neighborhood.

Use the internet and read reviews of people who have been to the area. Call local churches and police

stations to inquire about crime rates. Being and feeling safe go a long way when making a big cross

country move.

Convenience is important. Are you moving due to a work relocation? To be closer to family or friends?

Finding housing that is in a central, convenient location will make the move less stressful. Housing that

seems cheaper may not always be the best option. Is the temporary home close to the grocery,

mall, schools or hospital? If not, the amount you could spend fueling your car and on travel time may

be better used towards the cost of a more convenient location.

Check social media and newspapers for housing listings. A lot of times, people think the only options

for temporary housing are long term hotel stays. This is often times not true, and can be completely

avoided if you are willing to put in the effort in finding another location. Websites, such as craigslist,

and the local newspaper, have sections where people list apartments or bedrooms they are looking

to rent out for a few weeks or months.Sometimes this is the best option, and is easily attained by

visiting the correct websites.

Extended stay hotels are not necessarily a bad thing! If it is possible to find an extended stay hotel

that is in a convenient and safe location, this can be the ideal option for temporary housing. 

All dishes and towels are provided, and maid service will ensure your place is always tidy, and that

your bed sheets and linens are kept clean. Also, all utilities are included in the cost of your room 

rental, which can save money and the stress of having to pay for your utilities for a few weeks

or months.