Moving equipmentProper moving equipment,
helps assure a safe move.


Whether you are moving yourself or you have hired the

excellent movers of Oxnard Movers , using the

proper moving equipment is essential in assuring

a safe move. If you have decided not to hire a

professional moving company, some of the following tools can be essential

to obtain before the big moving day. 

Moving Equipment

Moving truck (size based on amount of household items being moved) ,

Moving blankets, moving pads

Protect the integrity of the furniture from dust, scratches, dents, etc. 

Moving straps:
Prevent items from moving or shifting during the transport.

Used to hold large items to your furniture dolly. 

Furniture dolly/ Utility dolly

Used while moving large, awkward and heavy items. 

Stair Roller:

If you have large or heavy items that need to come up or down the stairs.

A stair roller can help prevent injury to movers and items being moved. 

If you decide to hire the excellent movers of Oxnard Movers ,

we will provide all the necessary moving equipment to assure that

we provide a safe and efficient moving experience.

The safety of our employees, customers and the customers’

belongings are most important to our company.