Moving your Upright Piano – The “how to” guide – 
upright piano

Moving your Upright Piano can be a difficult task if you do not take 

the proper steps. An upright piano can weigh up anywhere between 

300 and 900 pounds depending on the size of the piano. The 

logistics in moving your upright piano will take careful planning, 

proper tools and strong helpers. If you follow the steps we have 

provided we can insure a safe and efficient move for your upright piano. 

Begin by properly securing the piano, getting it ready for the move.

Pull the lid down over the keys and lock it in to place.This will prevent damage to the piano keys during the move.

Next, you want to obtain a 4 wheel furniture dolly.Gather some strong helpers; place an individual on each

end of the piano. While these two helpers lift straight up,have someone there to slide the dolly under the piano

as soon as it is lifted high enough. This will prevent the individuals from having to hold the piano for long. Place it 

under the center, toward the rear of the piano. This is where the piano is heaviest. 

Next, wrap the piano in moving blankets, this will protect it from scratches or dents during the move.

Slowly push the piano through the safest route to the moving truck. Once you are at the truck, place the piano

at the bottom of the truck ramp. Place one individual at the top of the piano to guide it up the ramp, and two 

individuals at the bottom to push the piano up the ramp. This may prove to be the most difficult part, be sure

to have back up assistance to be there in case it may be needed. 

Finally, once the piano is in place on the moving truck, have the lift team, lift the piano and have someone

remove the furniture dolly.Keep the furniture covered with blankets to prevent damage during the transportation. 

Follow these simple steps and your piano will arrive at your new home safe and unharmed.