Moving your bedroom! moving bedroom1

Moving your bedroom can be a task that is made very simple, with 

a simple plan put in to place, you can tackle this job in no time 

with limited stress. When moving your bedroom, begin with 

packing your wardrobe, next you will remove linens from the bed, 

and disassemble it. If you have any other furniture to 

disassemble, this will be a good time for that. Most dressers and 

large furniture items will not disassemble; therefore you will want 

to be prepared with the proper moving dollies and laborers to 

assist in moving the heavy furniture items.While moving the larger furniture doesn’t take as much time and 

planning, moving your wardrobe can be a little more time consuming. While you can use any size boxes to

move your folded clothes in the dresser, it is best to use large or extra-large moving boxes. The reasoning

behind this is simple, try to allow one large box per dresser. Your clothes are not heavy therefore the boxes 

can be filled as long as the bottoms are properly secured with packing tape. This will also make fewer boxes

to carry on moving day.Now, moving on to your closet, this may prove to be the most frustrating part of

moving your bedroom. Clothes on hangers can prove to be difficult to move, you can either make it more

difficult on yourself by removing all the clothes from the hangers and folding them, then placing them in boxes.

However, we can make your life of moving so much easier just by providing one simple box. A wardrobe box! 

What is a wardrobe box you ask? Wardrobe boxes are a fun moving box that is specially designed for your

hanging clothes.Each Wardrobe Box holds about a half a standard size closet (four foot closet). So if you

have an entire closet full you’ll need two. If you have a walk in closet just divide the linear feet of hanging 

clothes by two and that will tell you how many wardrobe moving boxes you’ll need.We will provide you

with wardrobe boxes to suite your needs! This is an easy and efficient way to move your closets!