Q.1 What's the best way to prepare for moving?
Q.2 How to calculate value of my shipment?
Q.4 What types of protection is offered to me by mover for out of state relocation? (Valuation Insurance DOT)
Q.3 What type of protection of my shipment is provided by mover in California? (Valuation Insurance)
Q.5 What kind of things I am not allowed to ship with mover? (Hazardous Materials)
Q.6 How can I protect myself from being overcharged? (Estimate)
Q.7 How do I protect my valuables that are not regular furniture? (Items of extraordinary value)
Q.8 How do I properly prepare my shipment for the move? (self pack)
Q.9 What items does mover have no liability over?
Q.10 How do I make sure that all items are delivered and in the same condition? (Inventory)
Q.11 How do I file a claim?
Q.12 How do I pay for a move (local or long distance)?
Q.13 What is the proper way of figuring the size of the shipment? (Weighing)
Q.14 What if I am not ready accept the shipment? (SIT)
Q.15 Do I need to prepare my appliance and how? (Appliances)
Q.16 What kind of boxes and packing materials do I need for my move? (Boxes, etc.)