Moving Equipment

Oxnard Movers  supplies its trucks and long distance trailers with all necessary equipment to perform household relocations.

Most of the moving equipment comes standard with each moving truck. However, there is special equipment that is randomly used in special circumstances. That equipment needs to be specially ordered for those specific moves, which require its help. Our specialists have many years of experience and are well trained to find out from customers if there is a need ahead of time. Especially in times when this equipment is needed outside of our local area. If the delivery or a pickup is out side of California. In that case we must make arrangements to rent that equipment in the town where the job is performed.

Here is a list of standard moving equipment

                         Box dolly      

Box Dolly, Alluminum

                           Tools Fridge_Dolly

Appliance Dolly, Alluminum

      Dolly 4_wheel_carpeted

4 Wheel Dolly, Carpet Top

                Tools Box_dolly

Box dolly, Alluminum with extra set of wheels

For climing stairs


Moving Blankets, Supreme

Quilted 72" x 64"

             Rubber cords

Rubber Cords, 

For strapping blankets to furniture

Board Piano

Piano Boad

                         hoisting straps

Tie down Straps

To secure furniture inside truck

 Here is a list of equipment for special circumstances

                  Electric dolly

Electric Step Dolly

For transporting heavy articles

Safes, etc.

         Dolly 2_piece_piano_CX78_350x262

2 Piece Piano Dolly

                  Hoist lifts_furniture_over_balcony

Hoisting Machine

            Palet jack

Pallet Jack

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Finding the best MoveR

Brian and his crew worked very hard at helping us with a local move. They helped us pack boxes, protected furniture and electronics. Finished the job in just one day.

Jessica K. Oxnard, CA.

The movers were great. They were careful and fast.

Thomas Anderson

Sherry provided a quick and accurate estimate. The movers were great as well.

Anette Smith